General Conditions

1. Data: At the time of the reserve one will inquire into the name, direction and NIF of the person who carries out the reserve.

2. Superior to the maximum capacity of the house is not allowed to the lodging of a number of people. The number of adults, children and minors of two years will have to be detailed exactly that will lodge in the house during the days of stay decided when to formalize the reserve.

3. The house has equipped kitchen, sheets and bath towels.

4. The water consumptions, electricity are including in the total price of the stay, and therefore the use of apparatuses is not allowed that alter the anticipated consumptions of provisions.

5. COMPANY ANIMAL ARE NOT ADMITTED (to consult with the property).

6. It is not allowed the introduction of furniture, equipment of sound and resemblances in the house, as well as the accomplishment of any type of work.

7. The use of the house nor of its landscaping surroundings for any type of activity different from the decree is not allowed. Opposite activities or conducts to the hygiene or normal coexistence will not be able either to be realised or that they attempt against the public order.

8. Payment and signal: the reserve will not be effective until the client has not realised the payment of 25% of the total price of the stay.

9. The proprietor reserves the right to demand to the client a monetary amount of 25% of the total amount of the stay for guarantee, like answer to possible deteriorations of the furniture and/or utensils, facilities and equipment of the house.

10. The amount of this guarantee will be given back if damages do not exist.

11. Payment of the amount of the stay: generally at the time of arrival to the house or to be made the occupation effective of the house, the amount advanced for payment and signal will happen to interpret themselves like guarantee, being had at this moment to pay to the total amount of the lodging or stay. Once finalized the stay, in case of not having damages nor flaws, the guarantee within two days workable will be given back.

12. The time of arrival h will be from the 18,30. The time of departure h will be between the 17. and 18 h. of afternoon of I complete contracted day.

13. For stays of one week the schedule will be agreed to with the property. The rest of the rent will be paid to the delivery of the keys. It is necessary to take charcoal for the use of the barbecue. If the house is occupied by more people of the AGREED ones at first it will have to apply I supplement of 55 Euros by person of more. The visits will have I supplement of 20 Euros by person and day. The reserve payment will keep for another occasion if this were annulled, whenever the house is available. One will not give back to the payment and signal.



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